International Post-Keynesian conference "Money, crises and capitalism"

10 décembre 2015 - 12 décembre 2015
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The theme of the conference is "Money, Crises and Capitalism" and topics include (but not limited to)
  • Alternative monies and monetary innovations
  • Capitalist accumulation and financialization
  • Crisis, conservative economic policies and unemployment
  • Crisis and reform of the international monetary and financial systems
  • Financial development and financial instability
  • Finance, growth and development
  • Financialized capitalism and vulnerabilities
  • Financial innovations and the need for regulations
  • Fiscal and monetary policies: what alternatives?
  • Global finance, local poverty
  • Liberalization, financialization and the viability of capitalism
  • Money and finance for a sustainable capitalism
  • Money as a social link and sociology of money in turbulent times
  • Post-Keynesian monetary theory policies
  • Sovereignty and legitimacy of money

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Centre de langues vivantes (CLV)
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